Digital advertising spends are growing at 30% year on year in the India market. Google’s AdWords represents 25% market share of digital advertising and 75% of search advertising. Google’s engine drives prices and you’ll need to outperform your competitors on several fronts to sustain competitive positions in AdWords. Google adwords are often known as PPC or Pay per Click.

A focus on conversion, optimization and continual improvement, our clients know that we’re always working toward driving the most ROI possible. Our team of PPC partners works with you in creating the optimum value for your marketing spends.

  Digital advertising spends to drive ROI  


Programmatic is now driving marketing spends

The advertising industry is on a march towards automation. Plenty of advertisers today are buying digital ads without speaking to a single human at a media company. It creates efficiency in buying display advertising space across a variety of websites
Programmatic Buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, flighted, analyzed and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. While it includes RTB (real-time bidding) it also includes non- RTB methods and buy types such as Facebook Ads API and the Google Display Network. Our team works closely with programmatic tools in optimizing your media buying efforts.

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